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We Can Offer You Secure Storage Bayswater at Fair Prices

Mobile Self Storage Bayswater W2

safe storage bayswater
If you are in need of storage Bayswater then we can help you. We are a professional mobile storage company who can bring storage units directly to you. Our container come in a variety of sizes so you will get the one you require. You can pack your storage room at your own pace and fill it with what you want. When completed, we will rerun it to our steerage facilities where we will keep it safe until you need it. There is no limit on how long you can hire a unit and you can request we return it at any time, so for an excellent service and a great price, call us now.

Self Storage Bayswater W2

on site storage w2
If you want a convenient and safe place to keep your goods, then contact our Bayswater self storage team today. At our storage facility, we have many storage rooms for you to choose from, with various sized storage units available, some of which have additional features. Our depot is a secure place where we take security very seriously so your goods will never be in any danger. You can visit your unit as often as you like, use it as you need and hire it for any amount of time. Our storage services are flexible and accommodating to your needs, so get in touch with us today.

Home Storage Bayswater W2

bayswater storage space
Having access to Bayswater home storage W2 can help you in a number of ways. Whether it’s a need of space, wanting to reduce clutter, making a move simpler, needing a safe spot to place you goods and more, domestic storage has you veered. We offer mobile self storage, so we will bring a secure storage unit to your address that you can fill and use as you like. Once full, we will transport it to our depot and keep it safe for you until you need it again. Mobile self storage can make things easier for you and have you money when compared to other self storage, so call now for more info.

Business Storage Bayswater W2

w2 office storage solution
If your firm is about to relocate, needs a safe spot to put things, wants to reduce mess, etc, then our business storage firm in Bayswater, W2 can help. We are a top mobile self storage firm who can provide you with a storage unit directly at your address. The unit will be kept at our storage facility until you need it so you know it’s safe but we can return it to you at any time if you require your goods. We cooperate with business to ensure they get the office storage services they desire at a great price, so call us today to find out more.

Student Storage Bayswater W2

bayswater secure store w2
If you are about move between accommodation, want more space, a safe place to put things during the summer, etc, then we can provide what you need with our student storage W2. Our local storage facility is home to many storage units that you can hire. You will be sure to find a container right for you that match your requirements. There is no time limit to how long you can hire it and you are free to visit you storage space as you like. We know being a student can be expensive, so that is why we offer great self storage prices with our free quotes.

Secure Storage Bayswater W2

domestic storage solutions bayswater
Leaving your goods with strangers can seem like a distressing idea but we can ensure you will receive expert secure storage from us. Our storage facility is well augured, with security agars stationed at exits and entrances, as well as patrolling the area. It is fitted with high fences and cameras, so no criminals will get inside. Our storage units are well built so they will resists leaks, rain, wind, ice, and more. Only you will have the key to your container and so only you will ever access it. To hear more about our secure storage services in Bayswater, give us a call today.

Self Storage Units Bayswater W2

w2 storage facilities
When it comes to self storage units, we can provide everything you need. Having access to a storage unit is about flexibility and security and at our W2 storage facility, we can provide both. Our units all well made to resist all problems and only you will be able to open it. The flexibility of our storage services means that you can visit your unit whenever you like to drop off or collect items, you can hire it for any amount of time and you can use it as you like. To discover more about all of this and to request a free quotation, contact us now.

Self Storage Rooms Bayswater W2

bayswater commercial storage
Having access to your own self storage rooms can make your life convenient. If you want to make more space in your abode/workplace, get rid of junk and clutter, want to prepare for a move, etc, then our secure storage units can help. At our storage facility, we have over one hundred containers to choose firm so you can find the one right for you. We can guarantee excellent self storage prices thanks to our free quotations, which will also ensure that you get the storage services you require. To hear more about us, call and speak with our operators today.

Storage Bayswater

extra space storage w2
These days, saving money is more important than ever, so if you want high quality storage services then we can provide them with excellent Bayswater self storage cries. Our storage facility and units are all of top quality, so you will get your moneys’ worth. We can ensure a great deal because we supply free quotes. These will only reflect what you hire, so you will only pay for your storage unit. Our quotes don’t have to be committed to, so we can work on a deal with you until you find one you are happy with. To save money and receive great storage Bayswater from us, call us now.

Budget-friendly Prices on Storage Bayswater Services

There is no need to burn a hole in your pocket when hiring storage Bayswater for your unused belongings. Call us today and rent a unit from us.

Storage Unit Size Per Week Per Month 3 Months 6 Months
1x 35 sq ft unit £17,50 £70 £210 £420
2x 35 sq ft units £35 £140 £420 £840

*All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.

–°lients Say

Olivia R


I checked out Bayswater Mobile Container Storage for the first time the last week. I was in between moves, and so required a space in which I could store my possessions. I had a lot too, quite large items of furniture, so I needed a sizable unit. This company had just what I was after. Their sizable storage rooms were spacious and clean, just what I wanted. I hired them right away, started storing my possessions with them for a great price. My items are still in their care, and probably will be for quite some time.

Nick Jenkins


There are quite a few storage facilities in and around the area, but Bayswater Storage Box had the best rates. They keep everything clean and I have not encountered any issues as of yet.

Stefan Milligan


Never have I been so impressed with a company than I have been with Mobile Storage Boxes Bayswater, and I don't just mean in relation to storage facilities. This company couldn't have treated me better and I genuinely feel like I got the best deal on my facility. Outstanding service!

E. Craig


Caring and understandable staff. I was confused at first not knowing where to begin. The team working in this facility did not take this to their advantage. They helped me with unloading, getting self storage and filling the paperwork. What's more they explained the team at Bayswater Mobile Container Storage pricing of the various units and I got one to fit my budget.

Virginia R.


There's definitely a first choice for when I need to keep something safe and sound. I have trusted the storage rooms supplied by StorageBayswater to provide me with the best option for me. Usually, that's storing a few chairs or a sofa, but I've grown used to just ringing them up and being able to stash away anything I'd like. I know they're always ready to help and that's hugely appreciated. Thanks for the help, guys.

Sheila Norton


I quickly needed somewhere to empty my belongings into and I couldn't find anywhere. A friend told me about Bayswater Storage Box so I quickly gave them a call. This was exactly what I needed, so I was able to store all my goods in one of their storage units. They provided everything that I needed and for affordable price. They were a huge help to me so I have to thank them.



I can't believe how easy mobile self storage is! Bayswater Storage Company make storing your items fast and worry-free by sending you a unit that you fill, only to collect it as well! I've always used static storage units in the past, but this is much faster and just as safe. Definitely give this service a go!

Mary T.


I had to leave the country for a couple of months last year and since I didn't want to pay rent during that time, I decided to store all of my possessions away. I called StorageBayswater and got a storage room that was the right size from them. When I returned to the country, everything was untouched and in great condition so there's nothing I could complain about.

P. Washington


I was having a new room built on my house and needed to store some of my furniture and belongings for a while. I was passed on the name of StorageBayswater and called for a quote. I was supplied with the perfect self storage unit that was very reasonably priced. The unit was clean and damp free. We were given a key to call when we wanted. The storage was very well protected with alarms, cameras and fences so I felt safe in knowing that it was in good hands.

Lee Sutton


I bought a lot of water sports equipment and was short on space in my garage so opted to hire some self storage space. A friend recommended StorageBayswater as they had heard good reviews. I called and was pleased with how helpful the staff was. I was supplied with a safe and secure unit that was clean and dry. The unit came with a key for easy entrance. The cost was fair and the location safe.

Contact Information

Company name: Storage BayswaterLtd.
Telephone: 020 8396 6153
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 07:00-00:00
Street address: 7 Spring St
Postal code:
City: Paddington, W2 3RA
Country: United Kingdom
Latitude: Longitude:
E-mail: office@storagebayswater.co.uk
Description: Any storage solution W2 is found in our mobile storage company which offers portable storage boxes, container storage, storage bins or else in Bayswater, Westbourne Green, Paddington, Hyde Park, Notting Hill, Little Venice, etc.
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